Compliance with welding quality standards and the provision of competent welding engineering personnel is becoming an increasing requirement on engineering projects. Mitchell Services provide a comprehensive range of fabrication, inspection, metallurgical, training and welding engineering solutions to industry. Modern fabrications, vessels and welded structures can be complex, consist of high value materials that are required to be fabricated and welded in accordance with stringent project standards. Mitchell Services are experienced in successfully assisting companies to comply with project fabrication and welding specifications from initial estimates through to final inspection.

Welding engineering consulting services are aimed at producing productivity, quality and safety improvements for all industrial sectors. Experienced welding engineering personnel endeavour to provide the most suitable economic solution to industrial fabrication or welding issues.

Training services are aimed at improving the knowledge base of employees and individuals regarding fabrication, inspection and welding activities.Training courses are modular and designed to combine theoretical sessions with realistic practice.

Experienced welding instructors provide a combination of demonstrations, practice and theory sessions to ensure that welders can select, apply and effectively utilise the most suitable, cost effective welding process for a particular application.

Consulting Services


Estimating & FEED Studies

Appreciation Courses

Heat Treatment

Brazing & Soldering Operator Training

Inspection & Non Destructive Examination

Design Considerations

ISO 3834 Compliance

Inspection & Non Destructive Examination

Materials, Metallurgy & Weldability

Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metallurgy

Productivity & Weld Quality Obstacles

Ferrous & Non Ferrous Weldability

Supplier Selection

Pipeline Materials & Welding

Specification & Contract Document Review

Safety - Abrasive Wheels, Gases & Welding

Technical Representation at Meetings

Quality Requirements

Weld Procedure & Welder Qualification

Qualifying Weld Procedures & Welders

Welding Engineering Solutions

Welder Training

Welding Process Selection & Application

Welding Technology

Welding Engineering Solutions