Frank Mitchell M.Sc., C. Eng., Sen. M. Weld I., E.W.E. established Mitchell Services Ltd. to provide a comprehensive range of fabrication, inspection, metallurgical, welding engineering and training solutions to companies operating in diverse industrial sectors.

With over 30 years in the welding sector commencing as an apprentice welder in the shipbuilding industry through to Chief Welding Engineer in the power industry. This was followed by diverse welding engineering positions with various fabricators and main contractors.

Significant industrial experience has been obtained while engaged as a welding engineer on a wide range of assorted construction projects for the oil, gas, marine, nuclear, offshore, pipeline, power, process and shipbuilding industries.

This experience involved a range of fabricated items including heat exchangers, offshore structures, piping systems, pressure vessels, transmission pipelines, ship sections and subsea pipelines. A number of projects have included overseas assignments including Africa, America, Middle East, SE Asia and Continental Europe.

Mitchell Services commenced trading in 2001 and successfully provide welding engineering solutions to various companies operating in diverse industrial sectors including:




- High Strength Steels, MIG Brazing & Spot Welding

Bridge Construction

- Fabrication and Welding of Beams, Decks & Supports


- Fabrication and Welding of Beams, Decks & Supports

Gas Storage

- Piping, Vessels & Heat Exchangers

Nuclear Plant and Equipment

- Piping, Vessels & Heat Exchangers

Oil and Gas

- Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers including Tube to Tubeplate Welding
- Storage Tanks and Spheres


- Jackets, Jack Up Platforms, Semi Submersible Platforms, Topsides Facilities and Subsea


- Ethylene and Styrene Process Plant
- High Temperature Furnaces
- Refineries


- Flowlines, Landfalls, Landlines, Outfalls, Subsea Bundles & Subsea Pipelines
- S-Lay & Reeled Installation
- Materials include: API 5L X70, Stainless Steel
- Duplex & Incoloy 825 Clad and Inconnel 625
- Automated/Mechanised Welding Process

Piping Systems

- Power Piping, Process Piping and Riser Pipes

Power Generation

- Main Turbine Casing Fabrication Diaphragm
- Fabrication & Associated Supporting Fabrications
- Piping Components, Steam Chests etc.
- In Service Repair of Blades, Diaphragms and Valves etc.
- In Service Repair of Rotors

Repair Welding

- Recovering Castings, Worn Components

Shipbuilding and Repair

- Merchant and Naval Vessels

Structural Steelwork

- Commercial, Petrochemical & Nuclear

Water Industry

- Piping and Outfall Pipelines

Weld Cladding

- Hardfacing, Overlaying & Surfacing

Welding Engineering Solutions